Contact Base office 09 4382105 with a reason for absences and please cancel the bus.

What does my child need to bring to school?

Bag, snack, lunch, notebook, togs & towel, sunhat, personal hygiene supplies and a change of clothes. Sunblock: please apply at home - will be reapplied from school supplies as required.

What about Medication?

Must be handed to the bus drivers who will deliver to school bus staff on arrival. NO medication in bags.


No student arrivals before 8:30 AM. All students must be collected by 3 PM


Assistance for this is provided by the Ministry of Education. Please contact the Transport Coordinator, at the office for all matters concerning transport.

Home/School notebook?

Teachers write a brief note of important information daily. Senior students use a diary with teacher assistance. When we hear back from you we are empowered to do an even better job!

Visiting the school?

Please ensure you sign in and out at reception. Parents/ Carers must not enter the playground without an authorised staff member.


Concerns about your child’s schooling should be addressed with your child's teacher. Please contact the Team Leader or Principal if you remain concerned.