Our Curriculum

We focus on integrated, meaningful learning based on the New Zealand Curriculum. Our Aim is for our School Leavers to be confident, actively involved and connected lifelong learners.

  • We break this down to develop personal learning programmes.
  • All students have a Literacy and Mathematics programme. Senior students have a particular focus on life skills such as money and time.
  • We foster a culture of high expectations for everyone.
  • Work closely with parents.
  • We engage and motivate students.
  • We build positive relationships with students so we can hook them into learning by using their interests.
  • We build confidence and a sense of wellbeing.

Polly Thomas

Supports class teachers with literacy programmes which are varied, rich, personalised and challenging for students. This includes using specialised literacy software. All students are provided with literacylearning opportunities catering for all levels.

David Robinson

Provides teachers with Mathematics programming support, training in using specialist equipment [meant such as numicon and guiding staff with extending students mathematical learning to ensure high and consistent quality throughout school.

We offer:

  • Kapa Haka, music, visual art, and sports.
  • Learning in the community and community participation
  • Swimming, Riding Therapy, Shopping, Dog Therapy
  • Food Technology.
  • Hard Materials Technology.
  • Digital competence, using touch screens, Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, computers and learning about cyber safety.