Our Curriculum

We focus on integrated, meaningful learning based on the New Zealand Curriculum. Our Aim is for our School Leavers to be confident, actively involved and connected lifelong learners.

  • We break this down to develop personal learning programmes.
  • All students have a Literacy and Mathematics programme. Senior students have a particular focus on life skills such as money and time.
  • We foster a culture of high expectations for everyone.
  • Work closely with parents.
  • We engage and motivate students.
  • We build positive relationships with students so we can hook them into learning by using their interests.
  • We build confidence and a sense of wellbeing.

We offer:

  • Kapa Haka, music, visual art, and sports.
  • Learning in the community and community participation
  • Swimming, Riding Therapy, Shopping, Dog Therapy
  • Food Technology.
  • Hard Materials Technology.
  • Digital competence, using touch screens, Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, computers and learning about cyber safety.